Definitive luxury based on the underpinnings of the renowned Quattro system, the Audi A8L (long wheelbase) the lavish sedan you would gladly get behind the wheel of. Made to be driven without doubt even in Diesel guise, you get an idea of what it must feel like to be swimming in torque. Take the role of a back seat CEO and you enter the other dimension to what the Audi offers, the vast sensation of space both in terms of leg and headroom along with all the mod cons you could ask for in an easy to use system.

The Diesel engine in the 4.2L model will get you off the mark with 850NM of torque and touching the 100km/h mark in 5.5secs, as rapid as that is the Audi manages to make it feel like a grand experience rather than an adrenaline filled rush. Interior fit and feel is nothing short of the renowned Audi levels although materials are taken to seemingly another level of quality in the A8, you find yourself constantly wanting to make physical contact with the surfaces.

Essentially the Audi A8L is designed to be driven around in, however should you own one, the driver’s seat might be positioned in your driving position more often than you expected.

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